DESIGN AND COMFORT  The spacious design of our Mid-Century Modern home is great for family stays, reunions with friends and creative retreats. The wood paneled walls are adorned with original artwork, framed geological and hiking maps of the region, and a classical and acoustic guitar. The living and dining rooms are beautifully furnished with comfortable sofas and a large dining table that overlook the estuary and ocean. The bedrooms are furnished with comfortable beds, blankets, linens, & sheets. And the bathrooms are equipped with natural Icelandic soap, shampoo and towels. The kitchen is fully stocked with an array of spices, vinegar and oils.

IN AND AROUND TOWN  Borgarnes boasts innovative and traditional cuisine at the The Settlement Center Restaurant and Englendingavík (the English Mans Cove).  Both locations are unique for either their historical experiences or legendary views and are farm to table restaurants. The Geirabakari Kaffihus was the towns famed filming location of Papa John's in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and also famous for their love sacks - an Icelandic sweet cake. The Blómasetrið - Kaffi Kyrrð serves mouth watering home-made waffles in a cozy living room setting. The Ljómalind Farmers Market sells ice cream from the local diary, farm fresh eggs and traditional Skyr.

SERVICES  As we tour the island often, we are continually discovering wonders and are happy to share our tips and advice. Ask about a complimentary art studio tour or art lessons in advance. Onsite yoga instruction can be arranged in advance. If there's something special you need, we'll do our best to assist you.

THE ENVIRONMENT & TRAVELING  We encourage our guests to refrain from bringing personal products with harmful ingredients - instead we provide friendly alternatives from Soley Organics. In Iceland eating out reduces waste (plastic packaging) and supports the local economy (many restaurants are farm to table and offer local produce). We use environmentally friendly products in our home and clean with ecologically certified products.  We say no to plastic whenever possible. Some of our furniture is up-cycled created from materials originating from the house.  We like vintage Italian linen sheets, hand made products from artisans local and abroad, and well made bedding and furniture meant to last. We invest in appliances that are energy efficient and keep our energy use at a minimum.

Featured in Korea's In Style Magazine

and at Iceland's Tales from Iceland

What you can do:
Refuse bottled water and refill travel bottles with water from the tap.
By collecting plastic in the nature you protect all wildlife
Reduce CO2 Emissions by turning off lights and heat when not in use
Refrain from using toothpaste and shampoo with Micro-plastics
Refrain from purchasing food or drinks in plastic

What we do:
Natural fiber cleaning cloths and brushes
No plastic bin liners -  we use Vegetal CO2 neutral liners
Ecological certified bathroom and kitchen cleaning products
Bathroom products from Soley Organics in permanent dispensers
Single ply non bleached toilet paper
Separating garbage instructions
Durable Egyptian cotton/flannel/linen sheets and towels
All wash is hung to dry outside in the summer months except towels
Washer and dryer are  A+++
All other appliances are A or  A+
Most light bulbs and fixtures are LED
Almost all windows are double glass

We aim to offer you the best possible experience by operating sustainably, 

                                                                               while minimizing our environmental impact.

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