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THE CAVE The ice cave corridors extend five hundred meters deep into the glacier.  The snow above us is thirty meters compressed and the ice floor below us is two hundred meters thick.  The walls of the ice caves chambers are tiered with layers of weather that represent either snow, rain or ash fall and are compared with the rings of a tree trunk.  The change from the snow cave to the ice cave is apparent in the acoustics especially.  The ambience of the cave is due to the led lighting design, subtly installed within canals created by high pressure hot water drills.  The most impressive part of the excursion within the ice cave is the thirty meter deep crevice which reveals the hollows of the glacier, ominous dark forms and dripping icicles. 

The cave maintains a stable temperature of zero degrees, opposed to a polar glacier which is always below zero.  There is one entrance to the cave; however, there are also alternative exits in the case of an emergency as well as stored rescue gear.

The ice cave was the brain child of two Icelanders, one of whom was an engineer specialized in tunneling, the other who saw the planning through until the greater part of the venture was bought by the Icelandic Tourism Fund.  A team of professional engineers, architects, light designers & artists labored for more than four years before the digging began.  The actual boring through the ice cap was contracted out to eight local farmers and took fourteen months to complete.  They began boring with a drill which had a diameter of forty centimeters and they continued to drill six meters deep each day until they reached there goal.  The cave was completed and opened to the public on June 1st 2015. The engineering plans can be seen at the Klaki base camp.


The thrill of this tour begins as soon as you enter the ATV .

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