So what does this mean for me as a traveler?

Northern lights from the comfort of the living room, Relax in the garden, special treats upon arrival and throughout your stay. The Einkunnir forest is 45 to one hour walk from Borgarnes.

Quarantine in Style and indulge in the art of Relaxing.

Our first post Covid visitors embraced their time with their families cooking and relaxing together. They were free from their bucket lists and no longer obliged to tick the boxes and be the super traveller.  They read books, played games and cooked together.  Take part in wellness and the art of relaxing.  Upon your night of arrival we will welcome you to a light soup, accompanied with canopies and refreshments. The fridge will be stocked with an array of treats made with traditional Icelandic ingredients.  Wake up to a healthy start with Berger Musli and seasonal fruits prepared with fresh locally made Skyr from the farmer.

Online art sessions are complimentary throughout your stay. The Einkunnir forest and lake is a 45 minute walk and is full of mushrooms and blueberries.

We have always been a destination for relaxation and repose.  New rules don´t have to be a game changer.

Upon your arrival you may, after being tested, pick up your rental car and drive directly to your accommodation where you will stay for 5 nights until the results of your second test are negative.  Your first accommodation is your official quarantine base. In these days you may go for a walk in the nature in unpopulated areas.  You may enjoy the garden and marvel the northern lights. We provide complimentary shopping services and laundry service during your stay.

You may not: interact with others in close proximity, for example at drive-through restaurants. Sight-seeing is not permitted and driving long distances (for example between towns) is not permitted except upon arrival.  The 2-meter distancing rules from other pedestrians must be honored and you may not visit national monuments, museums, tourist destinations or public outdoor areas, such as city and town centers.  Quarantined individuals may not visit restaurants, bars, fitness centers, swimming pools, theaters, cinemas, shopping malls, or other places where people come together.

 The official regulations for traveler in Iceland should be viewed here

As of August 19th Iceland has opted for a 5 day quarantine for everyone’s safety. This may sound steep, however think about the past and how you used to travel. Remember how you rushed through relaxation encountering yoga stress while trying to chill on high speed. This was never truly traveling, was it?  Or was it more about the bucket list? After experiencing waves of travelers coming through Iceland and ebbing and flowing through the world, me included, I realized this can’t be what it's all about.