I began teaching yoga in August of 2017 and in 2019 I completed 3 years of study at the Istituto per lo Studio dello Yoga e della Cultura Orientale ISYCO in Torino Italy.  Their in-depth curriculum focused on the application yoga from the Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga system; which includes the Hatha yoga practice of Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, and Bandha; the meditation practice of the Raja yoga and other prescriptions for daily life enrichment.  My studies included didactic and the fundamentals of Sanskrit, anatomy and psychology applicable to the yoga practice.

This 45 minute yoga session begins with a series of repetitive and simple stretches for the feet, ankles, legs, hips, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck.  Warm up is essential, it promotes the production of synovial fluid that lubricates our joints. The mantra I use for each lesson is, "The best Asana we can do is that one we are doing now, with our body and our presence, as we are now, at this moment".  This mantra helps us to accept our physical limits and find deeper meaning in our yoga practice. Our lesson will be based on your needs. 


Everything starts from the feet.

In posture work for correcting asymmetric tendencies, everything begins with establishing and maintaining healthy feet. The feet are our base, they support us and they are our prime connection to the ground. The same may be said for our feet by means of walking or standing.

By taking care of our feet we take care of our posture and mobility, releasing stress and promoting well being.

Posture reflects the conditions of our equilibrium between muscular chains and the skeletal system, as well as our psychological and emotional state.

Foot reflexology is based on the zone therapy that different areas of the foot are related to specific areas of the body, through nerve endings and through the subtle energy channels. By acting with pressure and with massage in certain points, a general state of relaxation can be promoted and the release of tensions and energy blocks can be stimulated.

  • You can choose between two sessions:

  • 1\2 hour reflexology

  • 1 hour reflexology + lower leg massage

Reflexology benefits:

  • release stress

  • Improve the general circulation

  • Stimulate nerve function

  • Stimulate immune system

Reflexology is should not be used in cases of:

  • Fever

  • Contagious disease

  • Under influence of alcohol

  • Skin disease

  • Varicose veins

  • Sunburn

  • Recent operation

  • Any allergy

  • Acute osteoporosis

A reflexology massage therapist is not a medical doctor and therefore is not permitted and or trained to cure any condition. Consult your doctor if you have any doubts in receiving a foot massage.

To book a Yoga or massage session, or for more information, please write to 


I am dedicated to creating environments for people to access and hone their unique artistic expression. I have taught art in many forms to children, teenagers, adults, engineers, Erasmus teachers, yoga centers and artists at various schools, companies and institutions including: Kanton Zurich's A Wie Atelier, the engineers at Google Zurich, GIS-ZentrumBaudirektion Kanton Zurich and to the Integrative Psychiatric Clinic in Winterthur, Hollands Chain Foundation, Ungmennasamband Borgarfjarðar in Borgarnes and for the city of Djúpavogshreppur in Iceland, the physically challenged at the Comune di Torino, and at the San FranciscoAcademy of Art.

Join me in my art studio for a 45 minute journey into your imagination. We will begin with a series of 5 short 7 minute drawing exercises to enhance your creative flow. 1) drawing with your eyes closed to music. 2) drawing a still life with your left hand or right if you are left handed. 3) drawing from your imagination - perhaps a dream or a memory. 4) drawing the person facing you. 5) drawing a landscape.

Together we can create a customized workshop to suit your artistic endeavors.